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The Club is all about adding real value to the lives of your members, whether they’re your hardworking employees or clients you want to reward for their continued loyalty and support.

We help your members save money and time with some of life’s challenges. Our programs are developed for businesses and we’ve ensured that every single one of your members can enjoy a program that suits their unique lifestyle.

With over 20 reward categories available to choose from, we have secured something special for everyone – and all you have to do is decide what your members will enjoy most.

Joining is easy and affordable, and once you’re on-board, your members will enjoy access to awesome life-improving rewards!

Why Join The Club?


130 000+ members


Level 2 B-BBEE provider

100+ seater call center

20+ years experience

24/7, 365 days support

In-House Agency

Increase retention

Increase loyalty

Brand equity

Member well-being

Bespoke branding

Custom rewards Program

Why Rewards?

Let’s look at the staff option first: a happy, healthy, and motivated staff member can be linked to increased productivity and retention. When your staff are more motivated, their work-ethic and performance increases, ultimately improving the results of your business.

Next, you might be wondering why it would benefit your business to offer rewards to your clients – well, let’s take a look at it from a marketing perspective. We’re the first to admit that marketing essentially has three functions: gaining new customers, leveraging business from existing customers, and increasing brand awareness. By rewarding your clients (potential and existing) for engaging with your company, you increase awareness, loyalty, and retention.

Some of the existing clients on the network